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Embarrassing Fat Bodies

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Doctors Christian, Dawn and Pixie return for a special look at the illnesses and ailments associated with being overweight in ‘Embarrassing Fat Bodies'. Welcoming the dangerously obese into their clinic, the doctors come to the aid of those suffering with embarrassing problems caused by their excessive weight and attend to those continuing to experience the long lasting effects of obesity. The series sees the doctors meet; Glenn, whose stomach actually touches the floor, and successful slimmer Julia, whose new slim frame is draped in excess skin; a couple with a combined weight of 52 stone; a young Mum who's struggling to cope with her enormous breasts and Malissa the first teenager to undergo a gastric band operation. As well as addressing issues such as type II diabetes and whether being overweight really is something that can be passed on genetically, this fascinating new series will also feature the science behind fat and how even apparently slim people can carry dangerous fat levels inside their bodies.