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Extreme Cougar Wives

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Extreme Cougar Wives follows three women and their much-younger beaus who live by the expression "age is only a number." In this one off special the three stars of the show 53-year-old Jude, Stephanie who is 65 and the queen of the crop 76-year-old Hattie - whose insatiable appetite for younger men continues unabated, and describes her life as 'extreme'. But things are not all plain sailing for this trio of boy-daters. Jude, who is marrying her daughter's old high school boyfriend, Kevin, 21, is struggling to deal with his families disapproval. Meanwhile, Stephanie is dating a 28-year-old hunk Octavio but can't help by feel the age difference when it comes to spending time with his friends. Hattie, however, has no intention of settling down and is always on the hunt for another young man to entertain her.