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Extreme Makeover 2

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Returning for a compelling second series, ‘Extreme Makeover' documents the fascinating transformations of ordinary men and women who have been chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change their looks and their lives. Calling on the expertise of America's top plastic surgeons, eye surgeons and cosmetic dentists, along with a talented team of hair and makeup artists, stylists, and personal trainers, this engaging new series follows these individuals as they recreate their image and rebuild their self-esteem. Each episode focuses on two participants as they undergo various procedures, before ending with a climactic unveiling, when the candidates reveal their new selves to their families and friends. This series, meet identical twins, Caroline and Catherine, who feel they have grown apart both physically and emotionally. Can their extreme makeovers bring them back together? Plus, a taunted mother who has been labelled the "town witch"; a 48-year-old woman who wants to transform her tired image in time for her anniversary; and a troubled wife who is often mistaken for her husband's mother undergo dramatic, life-changing transformations.