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This series showcases people doing things outside accepted ways of living. A revealing insight into the weird, unthinkable and taboo acts of everyday people, the viewer will be left in no doubt as to why some things are ‘Forbidden'. Episode 1 travels firstly to the USA, where the ‘mum man' is obsessed with mummification subculture. Australia is up next as we meet ‘pony girl', featuring a woman who has spent half her life living as a pony before heading to the UK, where one man believes he is King Arthur reincarnated! And just when you think things can't get any stranger, the final destination in Mexico reveal a community known as ‘the furries', where everybody enjoys dressing up in furry animal costumes and have second ‘anthropomorphic' personas. Also featured in ‘Forbidden', the kinky culture of sado-masochism, a church worshipping Diego Maradona, dark ‘larping' , freaky food festivals and much more.