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Ghost Lab 2

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Brothers Brad and Barry Klinge and their ‘Ghost Lab' team are back for a chilling new season of paranormal investigations in some of America's most haunted locations. This series features the otherworldly exploits of Everyday Paranormal, an investigative team, founded by Brad and Barry. Home base for each investigation is the Lab: the team's mobile research and investigative hub used for research, real time analysis and two-way communication. From within the Lab, team members monitor the ongoing investigation and spot any anomalies that could signal (or debunk) possible paranormal activity. Everyday Paranormal considers each investigation a case study and an opportunity to use modern technology to explore the existence of the afterlife in locations that would test the nerves of even the most seasoned ghost hunters. Whether they are investigating a massive prison, an old battlefield or a private home, the Ghost Lab team aims to get results.