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A Gypsy Life For Me

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‘A Gypsy Life For Me' meets key figures in the travelling community to understand the colourful and often controversial Gypsy world. The series takes us across the UK to get an understanding of Travellers' culture and introduces us to Jake Bowers, a Romany Gypsy journalist for The Travellers' Times and Tracy Nedic. They are the co-promoters of "Traveller's Got Talent" an event designed to improve the portrayal of the Gypsy people in the British media. Follow Jake and Tracy as they plan the contest and travel the length and breadth of the British Isles in their search for the next Gypsy star. There will be singing, dancing, fashion statements and surprising performances along the way with the colourful members of the Gypsy world before the contest reaches its climax in the London final. With access to Jake's hunt for stories to fill his newspaper, we also explore Travellers' rights and Travellers' wrongs, lifestyles and evictions as well as learning about Gypsy history and culture.