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High School Moms

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Follow the real-life drama at a Colorado high school devoted exclusively to pregnant girls and teen mums in compelling new series ‘High School Moms'. With nursing facilities and a day care centre in the building, Florence Crittenton High School aims to give its students every opportunity to continue their education whilst caring for a baby. Every day brings new challenges to the school's dedicated teachers and students, as the girls try to balance schoolwork, sonograms, diapers and dreams of a bright future. Eighteen year old Catrina has a two and a half year old son and is eight months pregnant with her second son. Dangerously behind on day care fees, she's fearful that she may have to leave school altogether and get a job to support her family. Can she find a way to continue her education? Sixteen year old Londisha has a one year old son, but she is regularly sent to the principal's office because of her bad behaviour. Can she improve her conduct and avoid being expelled? Meanwhile nineteen year old mum Carla is keen to be crowned Prom Queen at the school's first ever prom. Has she done enough to improve her reputation and win the support of her peers?