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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant 3

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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant reveals the astonishing stories of women who conceive and carry there babies all the way to labour and delivery with no idea that they were even pregnant. The first episode features Cheryl who in her mid 20's had an ectopic pregnancy and was told she could not have children. 16 years and three beautiful adopted children later, Cheryl was living happily with husband Artie when she fell ill at a church function, was rushed to the hospital by her mum and gave birth to a severely premature baby before suffering a heart attack and two strokes. In other episodes, Lynn, an 18-year-old high school student thinks her sudden weight gain and fatigue are from eating poorly and working too much. But when she has a seizure behind the wheel, doctors discover that what's ailing her is much more serious. They airlift her to a hospital where they perform an emergency c-section to deliver a 5 pound 15 ounce baby girl that Lynn never knew she was carrying.