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I Married a Mobster 2

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If after your wedding, Colombo, Luchese, and Franzese are names in your new family, then having in-laws with baggage has a whole new meaning. Season two of Investigation Discovery's ‘I Married a Mobster' is an insider's perspective of mafia families, from the first-person point-of-view of the wives of ‘made men'. Recounting the stories of the women who had unprecedented access to this secretive world, this revealing thirteen part series delves into the colourful backgrounds of the mobsters and their loved ones, offering a new perspective on the world of organised crime. Including the gripping testimonies of Toni Marie Fappiano, who faced the biggest decision of her life when her husband Michael DiLeonardo agreed to testify against his friend John Gotti Jr; and the experiences of Ruthann Seccio, who unwittingly put her life on the line when she began a love affair with Philadelphia mob boss Ralph Natale, this gripping series is an eye-opening insight into an institution built on crime, corruption and murder.