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I Think I Am An Animal

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Ben and Kimberly are a young British married couple, and like many young married couples they are saving up to buy their own place, and enjoy socialising with their friends. But unlike most young married couples, Ben and Kimberly share their bodies with the spirit of a wolf. They are  Therianthropes a growing new sub-culture of humanity who believe they are in some way an animal. I Think I'm an Animal explores the world of human animals, and meets the people who inhabit an animal identity, revealing the truth behind this mysterious and bizarre community. As well as Ben and Kimberly, viewers will also meet teenagers Caleb, wolf name 'Paradox' and Matthew, wolf name 'Shiro', both of whom wear their wolf tails with pride, and Matthew, leopard name 'Shroud', who lives with his friend and partner Timothy raccoon name 'Menokh'. They reveal how they express their  animal sides, the effect it has had on relationships, and how they have found solace within this growing community.