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Jamie: Drag Queen at 16

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Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, is a moving and uplifting documentary following the emotional story of teenager Jamie Campbell, as he makes a bold step on his difficult journey into adulthood. This revealing, thought-provoking film shows Jamie battling prejudice from his community, and even within his own family, whilst pursuing what he feels is his destiny – to become a drag queen. Growing up in an ex-mining village in County Durham, Jamie has already faced his fair share of difficulties after coming out as gay at 14. However, with the majority of his family and friends being supportive, Jamie has now decided that he is ready to share his passion with the world. He plans to embrace who he really is, by attending his end of school prom in drag. As Jamie has some frank and intimate family moments, and finds out just how strong he really is, the film explores his hopes and fears for the future. Will he get the acceptance he craves from his peers and the confidence to be who he really is?