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Jodie marsh: Brawn in the USA

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British glamour girl Jodie Marsh has come a long way since she started training as a bodybuilder, and competed in her first natural bodybuilding competition, in October 2011. Having proven that she is deadly serious about getting in-shape, the celebrity pin-up is now ready to take on her next challenge - the USA. This one-off special follows Jodie through training, as she pushes herself harder than ever before, and attempts to break the US scene by competing against the best of the best at the INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Natural North America Championships. She has won silverware, but now Jodie must take it up a level, so she has enlisted the help of two of the UK's best trainers; ex-Pro Bodybuilders, Eddie 'The Savage' Abbew and Carmen Knights. With their help, and Jodie's determination, will all the training and dieting pay off? And can she prove her doubters wrong? Her reputation is on the line, and this time the world is watching.