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Jodie Marsh On The Game

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In ‘Jodie Marsh On…The Game’, Jodie turns her attention from push-ups to prostitution.  Having spent a large part of her life monetising her image as a glamour model and bodybuilder, Jodie has a real sense of what it's like to sell your body. Having also worked as a pole-dancer, she will be using her own personal experience of the potential pitfalls that tempt women in the trade.  She will be finding out where she, and the wider public, draws the line when it comes to people selling their bodies, and how attitudes have changed to the world’s oldest profession.   To do that, she will put herself into the shoes of a working girl and really get under the skin of the vice industry.  She will also be meeting people involved in the escorting and prostitution industry - female and male escorts, prostitutes, madams and punters - and revealing their stories.