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In Jodie Marsh On... Plastic Surgery, Jodie explores what is motivating even greater numbers to go under the knife, and why so many people are now looking to reverse their surgery. As she meets those whose surgery has delivered the vision of plastic perfection they craved, and those who now regret it and want their procedures reversed, Jodie faces up to the reasons she went under the knife.

In Jodie Marsh On... Virgins, Jodie takes an in-depth look at society's attitude to the value of virginity. She explores abstinence by speaking to those who preach purity and show sexual restraint. In the UK, she meets women who were forced to keep their virginity in the most extreme of ways. And overseas, Jodie investigates the shocking trade of virgin trafficking and talks to those women who were forced to have their virginity taken away. How will it impact on her own views on sex, virginity and celibacy?

Jodie Marsh On... Mail Order Brides follows Jodie to Ukraine where she experiences the ever growing mail order bride business first hand. She'll meet those who are turning to an international dating agency to find love, those who say they are living proof that the mail order bride system works, and those who say that happy honeymoons inevitably give way to exploitation and even abuse. Will it teach Jodie any lessons about her own approach to finding love?

In Jodie Marsh On... Lying Cheating Men, Jodie explores the reasons why so many men cheat and lie, from love rats to rom-conners, she meets the men who have been repeatedly unfaithful, criminally deceptive and ultimate masters of manipulation. Herself a victim of lying, cheating men, Jodie also speaks to the women whose lives have been impacted in the hope that she can uncover the tell-tales signs.