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Jodie Marsh: Tattoo Apprentice

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Tattoos aren't the first thing you think of when Jodie Marsh's name comes up, but she has over 70 of them - from her first, the word 'cheekie' tattooed on her lower back, to an exact copy of the stilettos she wore as a lap dancer at Stringfellows - and the art of inking is her passion. Now Jodie is taking on the biggest challenge of her life, as she intends to transform her passion into a profession by training as a tattooist. She'll spend time with professionals like Nicole Lowe and Louis Molloy and after attending art classes and building a portfolio, will learn the trade as an apprentice. As Jodie's ambition is to open her own studio, she will need to learn every aspect of the trade. Along the way, Jodie will be faced with many different challenges as she prepares to create a tattoo for a very important customer - her dad!