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Josie: My Cancer Curse

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This poignant one-hour documentary follows 18-year-old Josie Bellerby, a typical British teenager except for one thing: Her mum carries a hereditary gene that has cursed their family for generations, killing her great-grandmother and her mother. There is a test that tells you if you have the gene and Josie's mum Julia was one of the first in the UK to take it a few years ago. She proved positive, and decided to have drastic surgery - to remove both her breasts. Now Josie and her two sisters face the same heartbreaking choice. Big sister Lucy has decided she is ready to take the test and will soon receive life-changing news but Josie has a dilemma - should she find out if she has it too? Her family thinks she is too young to know and should be enjoying her young life not worrying about the risk of cancer and a double mastectomy. This is the moving story of an ordinary girl searching for the answer to an extraordinary question.