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Kill It Cut It Use It

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From the sheep parts hidden in soap to fishy ingredients found in beer, British presenter, Julia Bradbury, takes viewers on a captivating journey to find out how some parts of animals which we don't eat, end up being used to make every day products. Joined by the young consumers who use these products, Julia uncovers the surprising animal origins of our most popular items by following the transformation of each leftover body part all the way from the abattoir to the shop floor. ‘Kill It, Cut It, Use It' explores how the inedible parts of a cow can be turned into a variety of things from flash car seats and tennis rackets to fashionable fastenings and expensive plates; everything from a sheep's skin to its placenta can be made into comfy boots, cosmetics and even condoms; and how fish and seafood end up inside anything from hairspray and beer to perfume and guitars.