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Last Chance Salon 2

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Every year millions of women spend billions of dollars on beauty treatments; from waxing to tummy tucks. But what happens when surgeons botch boob jobs; beauticians blow Botox; and hairdressers bungle barnets? ‘Last Chance Salon’ returns for a second series and it is the beauty appointment viewers cannot afford to miss, as leading experts across the cosmetics industry meet the victims of dodgy practitioners’ handiwork. In each episode, consultants meet five patients and examine their beauty mishaps; dispensing advice and referring them for specialist treatment as necessary. At the same time viewers at home are offered critical guidance on how to avoid catastrophic procedures; in an informative and scientific context.  Each week, members of the public contribute personal anecdotes about their worst bikini wax or haircut and vox pops deliver facts and figures about the beauty industry.  Most importantly of all, contributors have their lousy lipo, failed face lifts and filler fiascos fixed, by the very best in the business.