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Lip Service

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‘Lip Service’ follows the interwoven love-lives of three women Frankie, Cat and Tess. After two years working in New York, talented photographer Frankie returns for her aunt’s funeral. It is time for Frankie to confront her family and her relationship with her ex-love, Cat. Cat is an architect who has finally plucked up the courage to re-enter the dating scene and meet loyal, feisty and fun police officer, Sam. Watch as their relationship blossoms and Sam offers Cat everything the wild, impulsive Frankie could not. However, simmering below the surface for both Cat and Frankie is an enduring love and passion that cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, Tess who is an actress and fast approaching 30 with no career, money or love life, like Frankie and Cat, wants to learn from the past and find happiness but are they all destined to make the same mistakes again?