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Love In The Wild 2

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‘Love In The Wild’ puts relationships to the ultimate test with exhilarating adventures that challenge the participants, both physically and emotionally. Single men and single women will experience a romantic adventure unlike anything they could have ever imagined. Host Jenny McCarthy will guide the contestants through rigorous adventures as well as the choppy waters of relationships in their quest to find love. These singles have tried it all - speed-dating, blind dating, Internet dating - and now, they will journey to a tropical paradise to see if they can find that special someone. In each episode, the singles partner up in exhilarating quests, including jumping off cliffs and traversing over waterfalls. These exploits in the Dominican Republic will put their relationships to the test as they fall for each other in ways they never imagined. Sparks will fly and hearts will break. The series will culminate with just one couple left standing, who will have found the one thing they've been searching for - "Love in the Wild."