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Masterchef Ireland

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Brand new to TLC, ‘Masterchef Ireland' follows sixteen exceptional amateur cooks as they battle it out in a series of gruelling culinary challenges for the chance to win €25,000. Judged by renowned Irish chef, Dylan McGrath, who won his Michelin star at the age of just 30 and experienced Dublin restaurateur and Maitre d', Nick Munier, who has worked for some of the world's best chefs, including Marco Pierre White and the Roux brothers, the brave participants are put through their paces to find out who is deserving of the grand prize. From cooking a meal that reflects their personality, to serving thirteen of the most discerning palates in Ireland; creating French canapés for forty invited guests at an Irish stately home, to re-creating judge Dylan's signature dish, the aspiring chefs undertake a variety of challenges designed to test their cooking capabilities. But who will impress the judges the most and win the first-ever MasterChef Ireland?