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Medical Anomalies

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‘Medical Anomalies’ is an extraordinary series documenting the struggles and accomplishments of a number of unique human beings with exceptionally rare medical conditions. Maurice Simpson has been disfigured by massive facial tumors caused by Neurofibromatosis since childhood. However, an operation to remove his tumors could put his life on the line. Six year old Deepak has a one in a million condition, a parasitic twin. Born with four extra limbs growing out of his chest, his partially formed twin grows as he grows, threatening his very existence. Now, Deepak and his family are beginning a journey to surgery that could drastically change his life. For two years, 17-year-old Calvino Inman has been crying blood and no-one can explain why. Now Calvino has set out to look for answers. Follow these individuals and others as they try to understand the cause of their conditions and investigate if anything can be done to improve their quality of life.