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Miami Ink 2

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'Miami Ink' brings together a brotherhood of tattoo artists. From Los Angeles to New York, USA, all have become renowned artists with celebrity clientele. Return to South Beach for the second season of 'Miami Ink' with the Inked icons. The shop is a full-fledged success and there's no telling where the artists of Miami Ink will go now.  They've brought Kat in full time to help handle the growing clientele, and Yoji has graduated to tattooing on a regular basis.  Ami and Nunez have to step up to handle the responsibilities of a booming business, and all of the artists are dealing with the idea of growing up: partying less, working more, taking care of their parents, and having families.  These tattoo artists are rebels at heart and their new life will bring unexpected challenges. But do these guys have what it takes to cope under the pressure? All will be revealed in the second series of Miami Ink.