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Mormon Half Love

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Meet Melinda, who was born with caudal regression syndrome, meaning she has a shortened spine, and non-functioning legs. Brand new series, ‘Mormon Half Love’, follows her remarkable life. An office worker for the Ministry of Defence by day, she loves outdoor activities such as surfing in her spare time. Melinda is about to start a part-time degree in criminal justice, and runs a teenage girls group at her Mormon church. Always cheerful and lively, Melinda wins admirers with her determination to try anything. But despite her many qualities, Melinda has still not found love. Previous relationships didn't work out, but her dream is to marry and start a family. Now, conscious that she is 40 years old she just needs help to find her perfect man. Join Melinda in her busy life in Cedar Valley, Utah, and explore the experience of living with a physical disability, and looking for a partner.