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My 600lb Life 3

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This compelling eight part series follows the lives of eight morbidly obese individuals are attempting to lose hundreds of pounds to get healthy, take control of their lives and gain independence. In the first episode viewers meet Amber (pictured), who at only 23, goes through emotional turmoil every time she leaves her house she gets treated like a freak show or circus act.

Later in the series are 37 year old Susan committed to drastic weight loss but when an unforeseen medical disorder strikes her mobility, finding the strength to make it through these obstacles is a matter of life and death. Also At nearly 700 lbs., 51-year-old Pauline has an addiction to food that is killing her and taken over the life of her son, who is the primary caretaker. She refuses to leave her bed despite putting her life at risk. Will she come to see the doctors point of view and try to save herself?