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My Child's Not Perfect

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Brand new series ‘My Child's Not Perfect' focuses on children struggling with problems which drastically affect their behaviour and profoundly impact on their families' lives. Documenting each family's efforts to understand more about their child's behaviour, this insightful two part series focuses on the ways to cope with the challenge of raising young people with a range of behavioural, emotional or clinical problems. Among the children featured are a six-year-old girl who, despite being talkative at home, becomes mute as soon as she passes through the school gates each day, a 16 year old boy with Tourette's Syndrome, whose condition appeared suddenly following a seizure, and a ten-year-old boy whose family have spent almost his entire life desperately searching for a clear, satisfactory diagnosis to help them understand why something ‘is not right' with him. Working with mental health professionals from established institutions this eye-opening series provides an insight into issues faced by many families today.