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My Five Wives 1B

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In this Season Premiere of MY FIVE WIVES, Brady Williams continues to struggle with sharing his time equally among his five wives while juggling the increasing demands of his growing business. While falling further behind with dates, Brady suggests double dates until he can catch up.  Paulie and Rosemary are picked for the first double date but past hurts between these two may backfire Brady’s well-intentioned plan.  Rhonda’s health is still a concern as she continues to procrastinate getting her follow-up mammogram for her potential breast cancer.

It’s time to celebrate life’s milestones on this episode of MY FIVE WIVES. Last year Brady all but ignored Second wife Robyn’s 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Crushed by Brady’s indifference, Robyn has struggled to get past his callousness.  Brady hopes his plans for a romantic evening will make it up to Robyn. Fourth wife Nonie is hoping for a romantic evening of her own, as she and Brady continue to practice making babies.

It’s the 4th of July and the William’s Family wants to celebrate with family and friends.  But ostracized by the community and shunned by their own families for leaving the fundamentalist church, both are in short supply.  The wives risk rejection by inviting family and friends to join them for a July 4th celebration.  Meanwhile, Rhonda faces the difficult choice of quitting a job she loves or taking care of an ailing family member.