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Obese and Pregnant

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Brand new to TLC, extraordinary one-off documentary ‘Obese and Pregnant' follows three morbidly obese women in the later stages of pregnancy as they battle extreme medical difficulties in the hope of giving birth to healthy children. After her mother's death, single mum Melba's weight topped 37 stone. She managed to lose much of the weight, but now in her third pregnancy, she's ballooned back up to 26 stone. Mercedes is also in her third pregnancy and she's the biggest she has ever been, having swung from an amazing size six on her wedding day to a massive 25 stone. Plus, she suffers from gestational diabetes, and has to inject herself thirteen times a day with insulin to stop her baby from growing abnormally large. Lastly there is first-time mum Christie, who has struggled for years to become pregnant but is stricken with guilt when she thinks about the affects her 21 stone weight could have on her baby's health. In this dramatic hour special, explore the delivery room dangers and extraordinary emotional pressure of being Obese and Pregnant.