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Okiem Ohme

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Never before has there been as much pressure on women to look great and eat the right things. Whilst the benefits will be obvious in both a healthy body, increased confidence and a better sex life; it takes a great deal of time and effort to reap the rewards. ‘Okiem Ohme’ explores the common 21st century concerns of Polish women. Malgosia Ohme reveals herself as a diet neurotic who is in good shape and health, but her obsession with losing weight leads to constant dieting. Malgosia will question her own motives and compare her case with women all over Poland. Plus, why women cannot accept the passing of time? Who is responsible for the fact that most of us think that youth is cool and old age is bad? As a fan of medical cosmetology, Malgosia wants to dispel myths and misconceptions about some of its procedures. She thinks that women should be able to do whatever the modern world offers to feel better and look younger, and will demonstrate this by having some procedures herself.