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Parenthood 2

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One of the most entertaining families on television returns for a brand new series this September. ‘Parenthood’, follows the trials and tribulations of the very large, very colourful, dysfunctional Braverman family. Single mum Sarah Braverman continues to raise her two teenaged kids as best she can - bright but rebellious Amber and sullen and sensitive Drew. The rest of Sarah’s family consists of her headstrong father Zeek; pillar-of-strength mother, Camille; Sister Julia, a successful corporate attorney; Sarah’s younger brother - commitment-phobe - Crosby and Adam, the oldest of the Braverman siblings. Although each family member has its own share of challenges to deal with, they still manage to be there for each other in their hours of need. Tune in as brand new episodes take you even deeper into the lives of all three generations of the Braverman clan.