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Psychic Witness

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If your child had gone missing or a loved one had been murdered, all you would want is an explanation. But when clues are scarce and answers elusive, investigators sometimes have to turn to a ‘Psychic Witness'. This captivating series tells the fascinating real-life stories of psychic investigators who have used their unique skills to help track down criminals and, in some cases, save lives. They are the secret weapon in an investigation; the last resort for desperate families; and the downfall of some of the most monstrous criminals. They are forensic psychics - and their growing role in crime fighting is real. ‘Psychic Witness' follows detectives across the United States as they turn to the uncanny abilities of psychics to solve the most baffling of crimes. Through dramatic re-enactments, stunning visual effects and interviews with actual participants, each episode tells two mind-boggling stories straight from the case files of real cops - and real psychics.