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Pushy Mums: Disco Diva Mums

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Freestyle Dance is the fastest growing dance craze in Britain. Up and down the country, girls (and boys) frenetically strut their stuff in the hope of catching the judges' eyes, whilst crowds of cheering parents look on. Entertaining documentary ‘Pushy Mums: Disco Diva Mums' follows three families as they prepare for competitions. As well as dazzling the judges with their dance moves, contestants must also set themselves apart with their costumes, looks and make-up. In order to win, adoring mothers spend weeks preparing their determined daughters. Glitter is the order of the day, with some of the outfits costing thousands of pounds to assemble. But just how ambitious and enthusiastic can these parents be before they become pushy, overbearing and obsessed? Focusing particularly on the mother/daughter relationships, this eye-opening programme gets in amongst the sequins and sparkle of freestyle dance to discover how donning a flamboyant costume and taking the floor can often do wonders for a young dancer's self-confidence and meets the mums who are prepared to spend loads of money and family time on what they think is right for their children.