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Queen Of Bling

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Best known for her outrageous designs on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, fashion designer Sondra Celli is stepping into the spotlight with brand new series ‘Queen of Bling’. Living in a world of sparkling crystals and always believing that more is a must, Sondra invites viewers into her business, which is all about fashion, design, and bling!  From gypsies, to babies, to brides, Sondra and her team bring designer dreams to life. Along with the help of her "blingettes", Sondra manages to work in tandem to get every job done, regardless of the difficult designs and tight time constraints. In this three-part series Sondra takes viewers into her workroom to share her visions, challenges, and successes for every outfit. From drag queen costumes, to blinged out baby strollers, to neon wedding dresses, she welcomes every request with an open mind. But with demanding deadlines, her team is always working against the clock to fulfill the elaborate orders.