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Rich Bride Poor Bride 3

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TLC welcomes the third series of ‘Rich bride, Poor bride' and follows various brides-to-be as they struggle to plan the wedding of their dreams, all on a limited budget set by their wedding planner. The story begins with each couple revealing a list of their expectations. Once Angelique has an idea of the type of wedding the desired couple want, they are given an envelope which contains the total budget amount they have been allocated. Tune in for the highs and lows of what happens when the costs collide with the high expectations! The overall budget is not revealed until the end of each episode. Expect laughter, tears and tantrums and see if it will have all been worth it to see two loving people tie the knot, hopefully not around each other's necks! From flowers to decor, bridal gowns to the food, this series endeavours to explore whether it is possible to have a glamorous wedding day on a shoe-string budget and whether having more money than sense is a guarantee for a bride and groom living happily ever after.