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Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day

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Say Yes to the Dress helps thousands of brides of every shape, size, and style find the wedding gown of their dreams.  But after a bride finally fulfils her dress fantasy, viewers are always left to wonder, what happens next?  So, in these hour-long specials, take a whirlwind trip from “Saying Yes…” to saying, “I Do”.  In each episode, follow a special bride as they plan their big day, with all the drama, stress, big spending, and excitement that entails. In this series meet, Amanda, a daddy’s girl who takes pride in being ‘the most spoiled person you’ll ever meet.' With a huge budget, Amanda will stop at nothing to get exactly what she wants. Plus, meet Sheena, who realises her mum has hijacked her dream Indian wedding. Even with an unlimited budget, things are never easy, especially when mum and daughter have different visions.