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Searching For

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Searching For" is a docu-series following the real-life work of Pam Slaton, a Professional Investigative Genealogist, stay-at-home mom and New Jersey housewife. Cameras follow Pam and her clients through the step-by-step journey of "Searching For" a lost loved one. Each searcher's story is vastly different and the outcomes are highly unpredictable and emotionally charged. Whether Pam's clients experience a joyous reunion, painful rejection, or tragic loss, they are all guaranteed to walk away with the closure they were desperately seeking. Pam has an 85% success rate, follows a strict "no find, no pay" policy, and is one of the most sought-after Professional Searchers in America. In the first episode, Pam meets Martie who is searching for the daughter she gave up for adoption 40 years ago and Efrem, who is desperate to find the father he has not spoken to in almost 30 years.