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Secretly Pregnant 2

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What happens when a woman becomes pregnant, and then must use every means conceivable to hide the pregnancy? How do they cope in potentially explosive situations that could result in them being disowned, evicted, abandoned or fired? Dramatic series, ‘Secretly Pregnant' meets the women who have their own personal reasons for hiding a pregnancy from their family and friends, boyfriends or bosses. Three years ago, Natasha had an abortion as her boyfriend was not ready to have a baby. Having discovered she is pregnant again, Natasha tries to hide the news from him for fear he will leave her. Amy is pregnant with her ninth child. Unable to house and care for the kids that she already has, Amy feels guilt-ridden and ashamed and is hiding her pregnancy from her entire family. Bethany is pregnant again by her unemployed boyfriend Robert who is also expecting a child with another woman. She keeps the news from her parents who see Robert as an unemployed deadbeat who has failed to support Bethany and their first baby. Follow these women on an emotional journey as they share their anxieties, reveal their clandestine secret, and deal with the aftermath that follows, including the birth of the baby.