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Secret Eaters 2

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How are people putting weight on when they're convinced they live on salad and sparkling water? Secret Eaters proves just how many of us are in denial about what we eat and how we hide the extent of our eating from our families and ourselves. Anna Richardson returns with the show that reveals how for many there is a huge gap between the muesli we admit to and the chicken tikka we eat when the lights are down. Lovebirds Ray and Ange from Bolton are desperate to lose weight and are convinced they eat healthily. Ray's infamous 'pie butty' and belly-buster breakfasts suggest otherwise. Once they learn the shocking truth of what they're really eating, will they be able to stick to a five week eating plan, win their battle of the bulge and get their wedding back on track? Plus, the show lays some mischievous and tasty traps for the public, to prove just how easy it is for us all to succumb to secret eating.