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Secrets Of The High Street

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Have you ever popped into a shop for one thing and come out with something completely different? Gone to a restaurant and surprised yourself by ordering the most expensive thing on the menu? Or returned home to discover the bargain you couldn't resist was too good to be true? Today's businesses are working harder than ever to get you to part with your cash. In ‘Secrets of the High Street’, fronted by Harry Wallop and his team of super sellers from all over the country, hidden cameras have been rigged in seven different shops, market stalls and restaurants. The hotshot sales people scam, trick and con unsuspecting customers revealing how vulnerable we all are to shifty sales techniques. The cameras will catch them in the act as they practice the dark arts of upselling, flattery and manipulation. The scams and fiddles are based on real life practices and verified by Trading Standards investigations, confessional interviews and psychologists who have studied consumer behaviour.