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Sister Wives 3

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‘Sister Wives' returns for a brand new, third series and Kody, his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and their now 17 children, are settling into their new lives in Las Vegas after relocating from Utah in search of new beginnings. Desperate to get their scattered family back into adjacent houses, Kody and his wives continue to battle financial hurdles to do so. Janelle faces constant setbacks in getting the Brown family fitness centre off the ground. Meanwhile her son, Logan, must make an important decision about his future, but will it be at the expense of leaving his family? Christine continues to struggle with her unhappiness in her marriage to Kody, while Robyn finds caring for her young baby Solomon to be all consuming. Meri must decide on whether to accept Robyn's offer to be a surrogate and carry a baby for her, but will it be too much for her to handle? How will this tangle of interwoven relationships unravel? Only time in Sin City will tell.