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Sister Wives 4

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‘Sister Wives' tells the story of the Browns who at first glance are a typical American family. However, as Kody, father and husband explains; ‘I fell in love, fell in love again, and fell in love again.' Kody Brown is a polygamist with three ‘sister-wives'; Meri, Janelle and Christine; plus their 13 children. This series presents a fresh look at a lifestyle that has been mired in secrecy and misunderstanding. Shattering stereotypes, the Browns show viewers a type of polygamy that has never been seen before. They are a very happy, well-adjusted family; the wives all help each other out, and they regard themselves as mothers to all the children - not just their own. The first episode of this fascinating series introduces all the members of this extraordinary family and reveals a huge change that could transform their lives forever.