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Small Teen, Bigger World

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17-year-old Jazz Burkitt has restricted growth, but despite being only the height of an average nine-year-old, she is fearlessly determined to live a normal teenage life. Following on from the hit documentary ‘Small Teen Big World', we catch up with Jazz and her very modern British family as just about everything in her world is turned upside down.

This observational documentary series follows Jazz as she moves out of home to pursue her dream of studying animal welfare at a residential college. Narrated by Jazz, the series follows her changing relationship with her mum, who also has restricted growth, and her forging a new relationship with her estranged 6 foot father - who could give Shameless's Frank Gallagher a run for his money. Jazz also gets her first boyfriend; learns to drive; goes travelling to Morocco; does work experience in New York and has to face the possibility of losing her beloved granddad.