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Something Borrowed, Something New 2

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Hosted by designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura, this is the hit show where the bride-to -be works with the experts to help her choose between two contrasting dress options. Will she pick a special, previously worn gown to be reworked by Kelly? Or will the bride be wooed by a brand new stylish dress as she joins Sam on a shopping trip to a bridal salon? First up is 6 feet tall Bridget, whose prison guard Mom has firm views on modesty and insists that she wear the family dress. Vivacious Terron knows what she wants: a royal wedding and a body-hugging gown to match. Her mother's dress, handmade by her aunt, doesn't fit the bill and makes her feel "like a sausage". Sarah is a self-proclaimed Daddy's girl, who actually wants to wear her grandma's dress. However, the 1942 wedding gown is extremely delicate and now falling apart. Can Kelly save the dress and the day - or will Sam sway Sarah with an unexpected new gown? Follow all this and more in this highly tense bridal show.