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Something borrowed, something new 3

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It's one of the biggest decisions in a woman's life - what to wear as she walks down the aisle. ‘Something Borrowed, Something New’ is here to solve a classic bridal dilemma: does she wear a borrowed family heirloom filled with a sense of history, or does she start her own tradition in a brand new gown, that is uniquely her own? Bridal Stylist Sam Saboura will scour dress salons for the perfect "new" dress, while bridal designer Kelly Nishimoto will revamp the traditional family heirloom dress into a one-of-a-kind "borrowed" gown! In this series, the premiere episode sees bubbly young Karlee having to choose between the themes of Great Gatsby, Marie Antoinette or Liberace. In the following episodes, a mother’s dress is given a sexy re-vamp, a southern Barbie bride gets ‘blinged’ up and bridal designer Kelly becomes a customer for her own fitting.