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Super Saver Showdown

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‘Super Saver Showdown’, is a competition reality series that features two obsessed bargain hunters competing to see whose coupon clipping, super saving, and DIY skills are the best. In each episode, two Super Savers will help families who are looking to throw stylish events on a tiny budget. Round one, the Super Savers - paired with a member of the family they're playing for - must shop for the food essentials for their parties with only $100 in just 20 minutes. The winner of round one takes home a week's worth of free groceries for themselves and their families. Round two, contestants share their savings tips and DIY tricks with the families as they race against the clock to plan and throw their parties with only an additional $100 and in just 48 hours. Judged on the savings and style of their parties by host Kristan Cunningham, the best Super Saver takes home $10,000.