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What is it like to appear racially different from the person you're meant to look the most like? When one twin looks black and the other white how does this affect your family life, your own identity and how the outside world sees you? Telling the surprising story of this genetic phenomenon, insightful documentary ‘Twincredibles' follows five sets of black and white twins, all born from a racially mixed partnership, who are similar in so many other ways, but lead very different lives because of the colour of their skin. Hear from teenagers James and Daniel, whose experiences differed from the stereotype, with the whiter looking twin Daniel suffering racial abuse; 11-year-old Glaswegian twins Ebony and Moesha who are very different; and new mum Shirley who has just given birth to twins Hope and Leo. Funny and moving, this intimate and insightful programme goes beyond the skin to discover the impact the exterior has on the inner world and why it still seems to matter to people today.