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The Undateables 2

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Looking for love can be tricky, but some find it harder than others. Add disability to the equation and it can sometimes seem almost impossible. The uplifting four part series, ‘The Undatebales’, returns for a brand new second series. It follows the journeys of several extraordinary singletons as they enter the dating circuit in pursuit of love. From a doctor of psychology with dwarfism to a young man with Tourette's, to an office worker with Down's Syndrome. The series follows them as they enter the world of blind dates, matchmakers and speed dating. With the help of Searchmate, one of the UK's leading personal introductions agencies, and Stars in the Sky, a specialist dating agency for people with learning difficulties, The Undateables explores the realities of looking for love in an image-obsessed world, where too many people make snap judgements based on first impressions - and even consider some to be 'undateable'.