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Undercover Mums

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Being left in charge of the family home for the first time is an important rite of passage for any teenager, and one of the most nerve-wracking moments for parents. They can entreat their offspring to act responsibly, but when it comes to the crunch, they can never really know what their teens will get up to- until now. In entertaining new series ‘Undercover Mums’, a teenager who thinks that they and the rest of their family have agreed to be filmed for a documentary about family life, is left in charge while their parents are away. In reality, the parents will be staying in a nearby secret bunker watching everything that goes on in their absence via the pre-installed cameras. Act responsibly and the teenager will win mum’s trust forever, but let her down and an uncomfortable conversation will need to be had. For any mum, coming to terms with her child’s impeding adulthood is hard enough. But will they be able to handle the truth when they discover what really goes on when they’re gone? And will the teenager prove that they really are ready for adulthood?