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In Vitro - Waiting For A Baby

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In vitro - Waiting for a Baby is the first observational documentary series production made in Poland on the topic of in vitro fertilisation. Each of the episodes follows one of six couples that are at different stages of the IVF process, in their ultimate attempt to have a baby. The viewers will get to know the couples, their previous attempts to get pregnant, motives and the long and strenuous process they had to go through on the path to happiness. As the couples come across difficulties, they will have to make extremely difficult decisions. The doctors working with these couples are also important characters of the programme, as they are the viewers' guides to the mysterious and controversial world of IVF. Besides the couples and the medical staff, the program also includes special guests and experts who express their opinion about IVF, such as Wojtek Zamysłowski - the first child born at nOvum clinic, Agnieszka Ziółkowska - the first Polish IVF-born baby and Professor Marian Szamatowicz - Polish IVF doyen.