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The Wedding Proposal

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Asking the one you love to marry is one of the most nerve wracking events in a person's life. To add to the pressure, getting down on one knee just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. These days many Brits seem to be doing away with tradition, devising increasingly more adventurous ways of simply saying 'Will you marry me?' The Wedding Proposal follows four ordinary people who are about to propose in the most spectacular ways. From flashmobs in central London to helicopters on snowy mountain tops, they are determined to tell the world about their love. But can they pull it off, and more importantly, what will their loved ones say? Ex-naval officer Joe Brown wants to propose to the girl he met on holiday - even though they've only spent a total of five weeks together. Court usher David Markwick is determined to change his girlfriend's idea of who he is - by proposing in front of thousands of people. Ski instructor Steve Angus has resisted his girlfriend's demands that they get married for years, but is now ready to take the plunge - literally. And Jade Johnston is taking advantage of 2012 being a leap year to propose to her boyfriend.